Portfolio Analysis

"Analysis is the critical starting point of strategic thinking"

- Kenichi Ohmae

Real estate is one of a company’s largest costs. But the decisions surrounding it are sometimes made haphazardly based on short-term business needs. A portfolio analysis identifies opportunities which can minimise risks and reduce costs. It can also help realign your portfolio with your business requirements and objectives.

Tenant CS will look at your entire portfolio and analyse each property against the market and the performance of your other locations. We’ll then make recommendations for optimisation in the short, medium and long term by:

  • Reviewing lease terms – We’ll map out when leases are due to expire and point out expiries that may complicate future business plans.
  • Conducting a market analysis – We’ll canvass the market to identify areas with more competitively priced spaces. This will ensure you’re only paying what you need to.
  • Benchmarking – We’ll audit your premises and analyse the cost of each location to identify underperforming sites. We’ll also suggest ways to improve and minimise costs.
  • Suggesting ways to optimise your space – Every square metre of space costs you money. We’ll identify redundant or underutilised facilities that you can sell, sublease or vacate. We can also make recommendations to rearrange your workspace to consolidate your team or maximise productivity.
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Tenant CS’ portfolio analysis will support timely decision-making ahead of critical dates, and give executives a ‘snapshot’ of each location’s condition, operating costs, lease terms, space utilisation and risks. Get in touch with a member of our team today!

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